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Your teen's inner-potential, determination, and unshakeable focus are just a few martial arts classes away...

Our martial arts classes are shocking parents at the kinds of results their teens are seeing.


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Not Achieving Their Full Potential In School

Many parents have really smart kids but they just have a hard time focusing, and getting their work done. As a result, their grades suffer. And often, their self-esteem goes down with their grades. If only they could learn to focus and pay attention...

They Crave Physical Activity - But They Just Aren't The "Team Sports" Type...

Does your kid love running around and exercising but just doesn't seem to fit into team sports? They're not alone. Many kids are like this. Team sports are not for everyone. Maybe they just haven't found the right sport to shine at yet. Martial arts could be just the thing to get them going and help them develop their natural, athletic abilities.

Issues With Bullies

It's never easy hearing your child talk about being picked on by a bully. You want to feel safe sending your child to school not on edge and worried about their well-being. Unfortunately, every school has a bully in some shape or form... But what if your child knew how to easily deal with them (in a non-violent way)

ADD, ADHD, And Over-All Rowdiness, (The "Can't Sit Still" Syndrome)

Some kids just can't sit still. They seem to have this inner-fire constantly burning and they just can't relax and take a deep breath. If only they could find a way to be calm their lives would change so much for the better.

Many people think medication is the only thing that can help but they don't feel comfortable with it. They want a natural, healthy way to help their child...

Check out what Google users are saying about Choe's HapKiDo Grayson

Bethany McLean
- 9 months ago
Of all the exercise and places I've tried over the years, the kickboxing here has been my favorite and most effective. Crystal and the staff are great, and the instructors are so encouraging and help you modify exercises until you build up the strength to go full steam. As a plus size woman, I've never felt uncomfortable or unwelcome. My body feels stronger, and I have less aches and pains as I lose the weight and my core supports me better. ❤❤

India Lewis
- 8 months ago
This is an awesome karate school! The instructor team brings their A game to make sure the students are on target for black belt excellence! The children leave this place in confidence.

Brittany Heidlauf
- 2 years ago
I absolutely love Choe's Hapkido of Grayson. When my 4 year old showed up, she was so shy and so nervous, but they welcomed her with so much kindness. My daughter warmed up immediately! I'm so glad we chose this place. We are new to the world of Hapkido and karate in general and I'm so glad I went with them. I'm a super happy mom!!

Tatil Hotep
- a year ago
My daughter being here for a while. Great prices also.

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