The White Belt – Grayson, Georgia Martial Arts

Grayson, Georgia Martial Arts

At Grayson, Georgia Martial Arts, the color of each belt symbolizes different meanings and describes the stage of each training phase. For instance, the meaning of Black Belt is “The Start of Next Cycle.”  Here, the student has spent time learning the different components of black belt qualities. Now, they can take what they learned, refine their techniques, and develop advanced Black Belt skills.

But in order to get to Black Belt, one must start from the beginning, and begin with the first belt—the White Belt. The meaning of this belt is “Seed beneath winter snow.” Similar to fresh fallen snow, the student is new to martial arts, and all potential beneath the snow is waiting to sprout.

A great way to look at the meaning of the White Belt, it’s a great opportunity to learn something new. How often do you get to start over, to start fresh from the beginning? You haven’t messed up anything yet, and you get to decide what you want the outcomes to be. You have great potential to learn a lot and to look at everything with fresh eyes. 

Another aspect in taking up Martial Arts, even if you haven’t before, you get reminded of the joys of learning. When you’re trying to perfect techniques in class, and you’re finding they take more than one try to master, it’s a humbling experience. And when you finally nail the moves, you get to feel that rush of relief and excitement. Your hard work, discipline, perseverance all pay off.

All the great masters out there, in every field imaginable, started from the beginning. Like them, you have the opportunity to do the same.

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