Consideration? – Loganville Karate

Loganville Karate | One of the virtues we have our Brown Belts study is consideration. How we define it at Choe’s HapKiDo is how one can be thoughtful and have sympathetic regard toward others. This is an important characteristic to reflect on because how we think affects our actions.

We can definitely act without thinking, but our thoughts can aid us to make better moves. Consideration is an element that allows us to stop and to think of something or someone outside of ourselves.

For example, if you see someone’s arm full, one’s thought is that they might need a hand with opening the door. But when someone does something that makes us angry, our actions can erupt within milliseconds. Someone cuts us off at traffic, or someone says something that pushes our buttons, how can being considerate help then?

Well, maybe be the person didn’t mean to. Maybe the person had an emergency we can’t imagine. Or maybe, we consider that we don’t want to spend minutes of our time being angry at the person.

As a result of our abilities to be considerate, one can be respectful, kind, forgiving, and loving.

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