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What’s the belt level after Brown and Brown Senior at Lawrenceville Karate Classes? It’s Red and Red Senior! As the Brown Belt level is split into two levels and means the Production of Fruit, the two Red Belt levels mean Fully Ripened.

As the last belts had the students resemble early autumn and focus on maturing and fully grasping everything learned, the Red Belt season symbolizes the middle of autumn. Red Belt and Red Senior Belt represent how the students have become fully ripened fruit and resemble blood, life, energy, and control.

By now, the students truly see the value of their training. They have many different levels behind them, and their techniques are beginning to take off. Putting together different elements of their foundation, the students realize how far they have come. They have changed their bodies in a way to be more flexible and resilient.

The life they are leading is more of a martial artist. They have learned how to control their minds and bodies. Now in the peak of the fall season, the students can see the fruits of their labor and can envision the next few steps in the season to come. The spark of the Indomitable Spirit has taken hold.

As the Red Belt students study the meaning of virtue and understanding, the Red Belt Senior students focus on the ideas of excellence and self-discipline. While the first level grasps the meaning of what is considered right, the senior level needs to focus on continuing high-quality training, as reaching the Black Belt goal is around the corner.

Stay tuned for next week as we discuss the Red and Black Belt!

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