Karate Grayson GA – Concentration is Key!

Karate Grayson GA

“Practice is not a matter of years and months. It is a matter of concentration.” ~Koichi Tobei

Read that one more time! You can spend all the time you want, but concentration is the key to all of our endeavors!

We can go through the motions of martial arts without giving thought as to our intentions. Not that there’s anything wrong with this approach, it’s just not martial arts. Our fists and kicks can move crazy, but without heart, they’re just meaningless motions.

One example in martial arts where concentration is key: Board Breaking! As one could approach a technique with a single fist, breaking the board cleanly on the first try demonstrates how powerful the mind is. Not only do we concentrate on our target, but we’re also fusing all our power into our target.

Having great concentration can be applied to all parts of life. With any one of your goals, think about why you’re passionate about it. Or, why you started the journey in the first place. With the outcomes desired, why? On days where you feel like skipping, pull out those lists of reasons and remember your motives. The actions we take today will impact our tomorrows.

Wake up in the morning, adjust your focus, and attack your goals with everything you’ve got!

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